Oh Penguin. Thanks to you, that silverback gorilla analogy is stuck in my brain.

Every time I see another video of police confrontations, I'm slapped in the face by the tone of voice and the way they bark orders.

Whether its Pentland, a civilian or a cop, these kinds of people, usually men, have absolutely no control over themselves. …

Whoa. Psychopath is extremely strong language. I'm no expert but cutting the whiskers off a cat is hardly psychopathic behaviour. By age nine, if your son was a psychopath, you'd be describing much more disturbing behaviour. But you're not.

Having a child diagnosed with ADD and ADHD probably frightened you. I bet you googled those diagnoses and scared yourself even more. Your pride may be a bit wounded too. Guilt and blame must be in play too. Get yourself some support – a group or a therapist, someone you can talk to on a regular basis to keep yourself steady.

Damn, woman, that was profound. I spent way too many words trying to express what you captured in a few short words "Mother of an adult woman."

That your daughter is a woman, not a child, is your doing. You did that. You set the example and when your daughter was old enough to choose, it was you she chose to follow. Instead of doing life on someone's else's terms, she will do it her way, just like you did. Take a bow!

As soon as that son of yours reaches his age of maturity, you will be a free…

Ms. Carol. I was 55 when my mother fell and broke her hip. Suffice to say, I've been in your shoes. One afternoon, in hospital Mama woke up. saw me writing and asked me to read it to her. Uh oh. Ummm. I'd been keeping a daily journal since I was 8 years old and no one - not even my mother - had ever read even one word of my journal.

I told her I'd been writing about her, and asked if she was sure she wanted to hear it? Yes, she did. …

You cannot imagine how powerful it is to know, that one trustworthy, important person saw you.

Near as I can tell, within white culture, women establish and maintain what I call the "acceptance" zone. The ticket to entry is your appearance - too beautiful or too homely need not apply.

Once inside the inner-circle, the same standard applies to all other characteristics - too smart, too funny, too loud, too accomplished, etcetera are grounds for rejection. As a result, women inside the innner-circle, take care not to outshine their group.

Thanks to the number of insiders willing to demonstrate their collective power, these insider-clubs dominate their communities. They establish the "norms" and hold the line in…

Great work. While I agree, a lot of it is over our heads, I don't think we are your audience. That said, I strongly encourage you to consider making us your audience.

That your mother has hospice care at all, tells me she cared more about herself, than she ever cared about you. Regardless of how long it takes, whatever is wrong with your mother is terminal. She will not survive it.

You do not know me, but I ask you to trust me anyway. Hospice workers have seen it all, the very best and worst of humanity. I promise you, your mother has not fooled them or deceived them about herself, or her daughters. They see your mother clearly. They see you too. Taking care of your mother, is their gift to you. Accept it.

Let your mother die believing she was who she wanted to be. The truth survived her lies and it will survive her life. The truth belongs to you.

Man, I needed that. That was some seriously straight talk and I really, really needed it.

My G-d, how dare Carano post a photo of a woman in her underwear running for her life from Nazis. How dare Carano compare herself to a woman murdered in cold blood for having been born - a Jew.

How dare Disney violate my trust in their products by employing Carano. Disney has no right to drag my grandchildren into Carano's sick and filthy mind.

I am so, so, so very tired of this racist crap. Thank you, Mr. Silvercloud for being there when I didn't have the strength.


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